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Paris Skyline - EMBROIDERY KIT

Paris Skyline - EMBROIDERY KIT

Stick, embroider, wash and hop !...the paper disappears

Thanks to the EASY BRODERIE Kit, you can easily embroider as many shirt, t-shirt, clothes in fabric as you wish.

Idéal for beginners, this kit is also good for more experienced embroiderers.

Thanks to that technic,embroidery is real easy.

Inside the kit :
- One or several water-soluble sticker
- an embroidery needle (Bohin high quality french brand)
- a 10cm embroidery hoop (Elbesee high quality english brand)
- les fils de coton mouliné ou du fil diamant DMC nécessaires à la réalisation de la broderie.

Already have an embroidery hoop and needles? order only the water-soluble sticker + threads (Extra EASY EMBROIDERY)
24 EUR