Britney Pompadour


Order the first name or whatever word or short sentence of your choice with thread of 2 different colours to customize your clothe or make an original gift.
Stick, embroider, wash and hop !...the paper disappears

Thanks to the EASY BRODERIE Kit, you can easily embroider as many shirt, t-shirt, clothes in fabric as you wish.
Idéal for beginners, this kit is also good for more experienced embroiderers.
Thanks to that technic,embroidery is real easy.

Inside the kit :
- One or several water-soluble sticker
- Two embroidery needles (Bohin high quality french brand)
- One 10cm embroidery hoop (Elbesee high quality english brand)
- Enough DMC coton thread to make the embroidery

Already have an embroidery hoop and needles? order only the water-soluble sticker + threads (Extra EASY EMBROIDERY)
25 EUR